How to read a nursery plant tag

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photo courtesy of Metro news Service

Understanding how to read plant tags is key to making good choices for your garden and needs.



Metro News Service

Shopping for new plants for a home can be an exciting undertaking. Nurseries and garden centers are often home to dozens of types of plant species that come in various colors, leaf variations and sizes. Such variety can make choosing plants more fun, while also making the process of buying plants a bit complicated, especially for novices. Thankfully, plant tags can help consumers make informed decisions.

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Beef Bits - Mar. 14, 2018

By Kinley and Austyn Peters

Club Reporters

Rivers 4-H Beef Club started our year with our first meeting on Sunday, Oct 1. It was decided at that meeting that peewee members can be a full-time member, as long as they have been a peewee previously.

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Province backs Westman bid for soybean facility

By Eoin Devereux
Neepawa Banner & Press 

A local group’s effort to attract a world-class soybean facility to the region has received a financial boost. The Westman Opportunities Leadership Group (WOLG) recently secured a $75,000 grant from the province, through the Partner 4 Growth program. The funding is expected to help advance the WOLG’s attempts in attracting a multi-million dollar soybean processing facility to Manitoba.

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Beef Bits - Jan. 11, 2018

By Anja Van de Langemheen

Rapid City 4-H Beef Club reporter

Rapid City 4-H Beef Club had a re-organization meeting on Nov. 26. Executive this year are president Thijs Van de Langemheen, vice-president Wyatt Inglis, treasurer Justin McKee, secretary Brooklyn Hedley, club reporter Anja Van de Langemheen, Banner scanner Sierra Inglis and member Zane Finlay. Leaders are Deb Inglis, Diana Van de Langemheen and Doug Finlay; Christa McKee is our area representative. 

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Working the harvest fields


Photo by Micah Waddell
Brandt grain cart taking a load of grain off of a John Deere combine on the go.

While harvest is far from over, early indications suggest that 2017 will be a good year for farmers in the Neepawa area, and although there were some showers on the weekend in Brandon and surrounding areas, most of the south west got little to no rain during the past week. The dry weather and above average temperature conditions gave producers a chance to continue harvest without major interruption. 

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