Weed notes: List of products to use in 2015 weed control


By: Sid Lewis


Last week I received a list of the products we will have to use in 2015 for control of weeds in lawn areas.

I thought I would list them in this column and what they contain as far as ingredients: Scott’s EcoSense Weed Be Gone, soap ingredients; Scott’s Turf Builder Lawn Fertilizer with Weed Prevent, corn gluten ingredients; Vigoro Bio Weed and Feed, corn gluten ingredients; Scott’s EcoSense Pathclear, acetic acid and lime juice; Green Earth Weed and Grass Killer, acetic acid; Safer Top Gun, fatty acids; Ortho Moss B Gon, fatty acids; Wilson Total Wipeout, acetic acids; Biprotec Lawn Herbicide, citric and lactic acids.

The reader can see there are basically four ingredient groups. Acetic acid is the same as household vinegar, but the strength is increased. On an experimental basis, I have tried most of these and quite honestly, am not very impressed. In one or two the strength is high enough that grass will burn, so a lawn application wouldn’t be advisable.

Looking at the price, it is somewhat comparable to the products we use now, but there wasn’t anywhere I could find a quote from the company on larger containers to be used in larger areas. I have been told the price will be higher than what we use now.

The Ortho Moss B Gon label indicates applications for moss control in lawns etc,, but the warnings about safety for the applicators, the areas applied and waterways are a lot higher than the products we have now, so I can’t see it will be a safer product!

As I receive more data, I will pass it on in this column. The present government has given a list of products we will be able to use, but in my mind we really aren’t any further ahead.

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