Beef bits - Mar. 30, 2017


By Sierra Inglis

Club Reporter

Rapid City 4-H Beef Club held its March meeting at co-leader Lesley Hedley’s on March 18, our second weigh day. Weigh day was held earlier in the morning. There were some absent members as the original weigh day had been cancelled due to the weather and they had other committments this past weekend. 

Vice-president Thijs VandeLangemheen called the meeting to order; Justin McKee started the pledge. Brooklyn Hedley took roll call and then read the minutes from the last meeting. There was no treasurer’s report as James Reid was absent.

Correspondence was the museum sleepover in which Justin, Zane Finlay and Sierra Inglis will be taking part.

Justin gave a report on our communications night and zone communications. From our club Brooklyn, Justin  and Sierra went to zone, which was held March 10 at Minnedosa Collegiate. There was a motion made by Anja VandeLangemheen seconded by Zane to pay outstanding bills arising from communications and pay-what-you-pull tickets.

The club discussed a few fundraising items. If asked to do the rodeo weekend, there were a couple of menu items we would like to do differently.

A potluck lunch provided by the 4-H families was enjoyed after the meeting adjourned. The next meeting will be Tuesday April 11 at Hedley’s.