Weed Notes: Sept 30

By Sid Lewis


The question I have been asked many, many times over the years is “What factor on a daily basis affects your day-to-day work schedule the most?” Other than words from across the kitchen table (I will pay dearly for this!!) weather has the most influence.

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Weed Notes: Sept 25

By Sid Lewis


As this weird summer — in fact the whole year — has passed by, I have noticed a plant that has vigorously taken over many areas, especially roadside ditches.

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Classic combine at auction sale


By Neepawa Banner Staff

An interesting find at the Bill & Betty Mclaren auction this past weekend near Neepawa. A vintage combine.

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Weed Notes: Sept 5

By Sid Lewis


Thursday, Aug. 21 we held the second meeting of the year for Midwest Weed District. The first was Jan. 9, a span of seven months; I always find it a challenge giving a report of the activities to keep it interesting and short enough, yet not too short to sound as though I twiddle my thumbs a lot. I can hear my “chief critic” having fun with this!

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Weed notes: Long weekend

By: Sid Lewis


Imagine a little more than a month ago with most people wishing we could have a “nice rain” to help everything keep growing. That certainly wasn’t the case, but it is a common thought now! In my travels I see pastures starting to brown off, especially in the sandier areas.

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