The Bovine Tuberculosis Management program “pivots”

By Dr. Allan Preston

Bovine Tuberculosis Coordinator

As the American election process continues to evolve, we hear the comment that the two major candidates are “pivoting” from the internal party nomination process to the election battle now ahead for the Democrats and Republicans. Well, here, north of the 49th parallel, the management of bovine tuberculosis is also “pivoting” from disease detection and eradication to a disease prevention and risk mitigation focus. Read on – see what was accomplished in 2015- 2016, see what’s in store for 2016–2017.

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Beef Bits - June 29

By Kate-Leigh Heapy and Jillian Burt

Club Reporters

Rivers 4-H Beef Club held its annual rally day on Saturday, June 5 at Rivers fairgrounds. The day began with weighing the animals; this is a very important part of the day! It allows each member to see how much weight their steer has gained from the start of the project until rally day. This is recorded as the steer’s average daily gain. 

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The importance of having a marketing plan

By Gary Smart

Farm Management Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture

If you want to maintain a profitable farm business, developing and evaluating a marketing plan is essential.

Having a solid marketing plan in place will help you make sound decisions that minimize risk and improve your returns.  A successful plan needs to be assessed on an individual farm basis, as every farm has different financial needs and what returns are required for it to be profitable.

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Beef Bits - May 26

By Anja van de Langemheen

Club Reporter

Rapid City 4-H Beef Club had a monthly meeting on May 10. May 15 was clinic day and after location changes, the club held it at Alan Horner's pasture corrals. All members brought at least one animal to work with, and showmanship and judging classes were done. Everyone did really well, and had a fun time. The weather was beautiful! The day ended with a delicious potluck meal.

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Seeing the difference first hand

By Sheila Runions

Banner Staff

Ray Baloun began working in grain elevators in Winnipeg three decades ago and for the last 10 years has been the grain buyer at Viterra north of Forrest. Since 2008 he has been the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) member on the World Relief Canada board. He has been fundraising for CFGB since his capital city days in the 1980s but says he, “Really ramped up the fundraising when we developed Kernels of Hope through the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada in 2005. I call myself the connector — I get real farmers across the Prairies to grow small fields from five to 50 acres and I get donors from across the country to provide funds to pay for the crop expenses of the real farmers.

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