Ragweed ramblings

By Sid Lewis

Submitted article

With the warm weather upon us now, dandelions are making their presence known on both lawns and fields. As I have said in other years, dandelion control this time of year is for cosmetic use only and top growth control is the only type of control a person will see at the present time. The “cosmetic ban” is still in effect for lawns and a healthy fine can result if a Manitoba  Conservation rep catches the homeowner spraying with one of the conventional products we have used for years. At the time of typing this column (Monday, May 9) I understand only one person is hired to police the entire province, cities and towns and farmyards, so........ Plus the products they allow the homeowner to use are very expensive and in my perspective, do not work!

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Compost: the key to gardening success


Submitted photo. Without the alchemy of compost, your garden would languish in an inert soup of tired medium.

Submitted by Mark Cullen

The Neepawa Banner

You have a dream of an amazing garden. Perhaps, in your mind’s eye, you can see plants loaded with colour galore, others hanging with fruit and vegetables in abundance. You see songbirds, butterflies and hummingbirds calling in to your place, choosing it as their home this summer.

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Beef bits - May 4, 2016

By Anja Van de Langemheen

Club Reporter

Hi there! Here’s another report from the Rapid City 4-H Beef Club. We had our monthly meeting April 12 at Hedley's house where we heard a few different reports from members about the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair. Some were showing cattle and some were also in the calf scramble. It sounded like everyone who attended had a good time! 

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Beef bits - Apr. 28

By Kate-Leigh Heapy and Jillian Burt

Club Reporters

Rivers 4-H Beef Club held its seventh meeting on Sunday, April 3 at Rivers Collegiate. A number of members did very well at communications. Leaders met with Rivers Ag Society to discuss achievement on fair day. Many of our older members participated in the calf scrambles at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, with many catching a calf!

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Munro Farm Supplies holds farm seminar


Submitted photo. Farmers attending the crop nutrient seminar put on by Munro Farm Supplies were advised that optimizing crop yields may depend on maintaining adequate phosphorus levels. Traditional broadcasting equipment, such as the spreader shown here, may need to be utilized to get enough product into the soil.

By Ken Waddell

Neepawa Banner/Neepawa Press

“It’s not what you put on the field, it’s what’s available to the plant that counts.” That was the basic message from Craig Davidson of Taurus Ag at a farmers’ seminar put on recently by Munro Farm Supplies of Neepawa. Farmers and gardeners know that the main nutrients needed for plant growth are nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and sulfur. 

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