Kernels of Hope 2014 crop summary

By Ray Baloun

It’s like the wheat is waving good bye to the 2014 grain growing season. Many farmers are happy to do the same.  It was a rough year for weather in many areas, the same with grain prices! We survived the adversity quite well though– having fields in each Prairie province almost always allows us to have at least some fields in areas with good crop growing weather. All of our crops have now made it to market and been turned into money. Helping Feed the World at Norquay was again one of our biggest contributors by gathering $18,500 worth of crops for Kernels from their group, wow!

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Integrated pest management can result in savings

By Elmer Kaskiw

Farm Production Advisor, MAFRD

Many of us are likely familiar with the term Integrated Pest Management but not many of us have likely actively implemented a planned IPM program. A planned IPM program recognizes that your crop and varietal selection is an important consideration when planning your fertility program, which is a significant part of your weed control program, which in turn impacts your disease and insect control program. These decisions are all part of a large ecosystem with lots of interactions that need to be considered or managed collectively. 

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Weed notes - Jan. 23

By Syd Lewis


The last few years local producers near Riding Mountain National Park have told me of the increasing infestations of common burdock on their land and in the park. I appreciated what concerns they have, seeing in this district the areas increasing as well, but until last Sunday, Jan. 17, I didn’t realize how badly burdock was growing in the park.

Terry and I had the chance to ride on a horse-drawn sleigh starting at the edge of the park just a little east of Rossman Lake. We were only a few minutes into the park and I saw the growth of burdock, from small patches to significant populations, which continued to the area known as The Sugar Loaves, approximately five miles in distance. If this isn’t controlled soon, lots of natural vegetation will be lost due to the infestations.

Readers will see the notice in the Jan. 9 edition of Rivers Banner stating our intentions for the 2015 weed/insect management program. I listed the products Fiesta and Scott Weed Be Gon that Manitoba Conservation has listed we can use in towns for weed control, with dandelions being the main weed. Wanting to find out what the costs are for these products, the manufacturer of Fiesta listed their largest container, 40 ounces, at $11.99 which would treat 6,400 square feet. To treat a large area at their recommended rate, 10 acres would cost $816. Herbicides we formerly found the best for control cost $310. Whether my old school math or modern, this shows how much more it will cost towns for weed control. Scott’s would not quote a price and passed the buck to the local retail outlets to tell customers their best price off the shelf. I just cannot justify going into our local hardware and taking however many one-litre bottles I would need just in order to do our program.

Back to the trip into the park, at one spot the sleigh upset and dumped all the riders in the snow. I landed on my back with my head slanted down the slope. Terry helped the driver upright his sleigh and left it to two other riders to pull me up. When I chastised her for not coming to my aid, her reply was, “Seeing you on your back and in an awkward position, I knew you wouldn’t be going anywhere!”

If you have any questions for Midwest Weed District please phone 204-764-2128.


Farm marketing conference in March

Press Release

Manitoba’s 20th annual Direct Farm Marketing conference is taking place March 6 and 7 at the John R. Brodie Science Centre (Brandon University) in Brandon.

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Check out the new inventions at Ag Days

By Kristen Phillips

Media Coordinator MB Ag Days

The New Inventions; a well-known component of our show will be in Barn 4 again this year.  In order to get to Barn 4, you will need to follow the red carpet down the Canada Room Hallway – head all the way down to the very end of the hallway and Barn 4 will be on your right hand side. 

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