Observation - July 14, 2017


Addy Oberlin
The Neepawa Banner

What a great sight to see all the beautiful smiling faces of the graduating young men and ladies in the paper.

They reached a milestone after twelve years of school. Congratulations that you persevered and now reap the benefits of holding that diploma in your hands. Some will go on to higher education and most likely will move away from home. Others are looking for an apprenticeship to develop the trade that they like to work in. Some of the decisions you will make in life might depend on that piece of paper that you earned. Never make any hasty decisions that you might be sorry of later.
I hope and pray that you will seek the Lord and find His will for your life. Then you will have peace whatever the future holds.
David asks the Lord in Psalm 25:4 “Let me know Thy ways ) Lord. Teach me Thy path.” May this be your goal in life.
I will be away for awhile, but plan to return again the end of August. Wishing you all a great summer.