Observation - September 8, 2017


Addy Oberlin 
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The month of August is finished and a new season is starting. The children are going back to school again after a beautiful summer. Some of my grandchildren are starting or going back to college and university. Some of my great grandchildren start preschool or Kindergarten. A totally new routine is waiting them, away from home for many of them.

The teachers are ready to start a new school year. The month of September is also a great start-up for extra curricular activities and sign up times are coming up. A new routine is starting.

The farmers are busy getting their new crop in the bins to survive another winter. The sound of swathers and combines fills the air.

It makes me think that to start a new beginning with the Lord Jesus Christ can start at any time. The Bible tells us that today is the day of salvation. So do nor delay. The new routine that salvation brings will give us joy and peace. Make the most of today. Tomorrow might never come.