Observation - Apr. 27, 2018


By Addy Oberlin

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My love for pictures can be found throughout my house. I also have two calendars with pictures of my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Pictures are great for remembering people’s name when we see their picture. The other day someone phoned me and I did not remember this person by name. However, when I met her I recognized her right away. In the care home are two ladies who each have a common name. I can not keep them apart. So I watch who looks at me when I call out the name.

I can walk through my house, look at some of the pictures on the wall or on a shelf and I thank and praise the Lord for my family and friends.

When we think about God we do not need a picture, because He is right with us every moment of the day. He is there to “guide and directs you (and me) continually” (Isaiah 58:11). We need to seek the Lord daily while He may be found it says in Isaiah 55:6. Call upon Him while He is near.