Homebodies - Travelling tales


By Rita Friesen

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The goal was to arise early and hie me off to Christina Lake, just east of Conklin. A nice day’s drive.

Wake at 5:50 and be travelling by 6:00. Perhaps it was the excitement of meeting the Friesen clan for a week, but insomnia haunted the night. Waking instead at 6:00, I was in the car and down the street by 6:32. All I wanted was a coffee, so a drive-thru here at home sufficed. First stop. Five miles west of town I checked for my folder with the map and resort details. It was to be on the front seat. Right beside me. It was not. Then I recalled placing it on the truck lid as I loaded the vehicle. Certain it would no longer be there, I stopped anyway. It wasn’t. Second stop. By the time I got to Yorkton the coffee was tired of travelling in me and wanted to be released. I usually stop at the service station at the junction but decided to try the travel information building instead. It was locked. I checked the schedule, open from 9 to 5 Sunday. Checked my watch, 9:05. Mumbling about the probability of the staff being a student, and it being the morning after Saturday night, I grumbled my way back to the car. Third stop. Turning on the radio, CBC a great travelling companion, I was chagrined to hear the tail end of the Saskatchewan 8 o’clock news. No worker was late, I was early.

Deciding that I was fine until my next scheduled stop, I headed for Dafoe. I always stop at Dafoe heading up 16. It gives me the certainty of enough fuel to get through Saskatoon, and a bit of a stretch before the convoluted Circle Drive! It was the perfect opportunity to fill and empty. Fourth stop.

The plans had been made to meet my daughter at the Husky stop at the north end of Saskatoon. I had kept her apprised of my progress. Then I missed my turn and ended up at a different truck stop. Utilizing the modern technology I texted her and confessed. She found me in ten minutes and we had a lovely lunch together. Love and laughter. She directed me to my correct route, double checked that I knew my route numbers even without a map, kissed me farewell, and we turned, me north while she turned south. Stop number five.

I knew that I was leaving 16 at Vermillion so planned to stop, feed, fuel and empty there. Great plan. Actually went in to eat. Before going further north. That was stop number six.  Found my way to Lac La Biche, had a moment of indecision, pulled into a hotel complex, got directions and proceeded. I admit that it was a little later than I wanted to arrive, no fears though. Stop seven.

Meeting the family just after nine, they asked- first and foremost- did you drive straight through? I could answer honestly, no, I stopped seven times before getting here!