Homebodies - Too considerate?


By Rita Friesen

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It will come as no surprise to those that know me well- I once again share my home with grandkids. And I invited them.

So we are multigenerational, four dogs, a cat, and three adults. Two big golden dogs and two small white ones. The cat is multi-coloured.

The other night my dogs needed out at 5:30. Usual. No problem.

Yes, a problem! It was days after the incident in Neepawa and I had locked all the doors. Regular. This early morning as I stepped out into the garage and gently closed the door behind us, it locked. It has never done that before. It wasn’t until the dogs were comfortable and wanted back into the warm bed that I realised what had occurred. What to do? It was a Saturday morning, a sleep in morning. If I rang the door bell all four dogs would sound full alert. If I paused below the open window of the sleepers, it could startle them, all things considered.

There were a couple of light covers in the garage, and a big old very uncomfortable chair. I tried tucking myself in but that was not going to work. I checked the car. Unlocked! But no keys. For if the keys had been in the car there would have been a house key available. Why wasn’t there one anyway you may ask. We had gone for an evening walk, locking all the doors, and on our return I did not replace the key in the safe place. My fault all the way around.

So, the dogs and I curled up in the back seat of the car and slipped into a not too bad sleep. Waking around seven, I pondered how to wake anyone in the house without panicking them. I would wait for seven thirty. A reasonable time even for a weekend. At my appointed time I re-entered the garage and tentatively knocked on the door. No one cared, not even the dogs. Knowing it was the last resort and would have immediate results, I rang my own doorbell. All four dogs at full voice woke everyone.

Imagine the look on my granddaughters face as she peeked around the corner to see who was at the door at such an hour, and saw me, cradling both my dogs trying to silence them. It would be safe to say that my actions were not construed as noble and self-sacrificing. Dumb and foolish was more like it. My logic fell on deaf ears. Now, if I had rung the bell or called under a window they would have appreciated my good intentions.

Kind of like the day I wore shoes with no socks on a hot day. I did ask for a ride home, but the kids were out for lunch so I assured them I was fine. That day I simple took off the shoes- the blister was just beginning- and walked home barefoot. From their home on fourth to mine. Fine day for a lark. And that is how I see these events, as a lark, for as I age I believe I will have to hone my ‘laugh at myself’ skills!