Observation - October 31, 2018


By Addy Oberlain

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This past week we have seen many election results in Manitoba. It is always an exciting time to see who made it in and who is going to get retirement, a rest or a break from local politics.

I followed the process with great interest and I hope that everyone is satisfied with the results and is willing to work together as a team to make things happen in the Valley. There are many needs, wishes and wants but it takes hard work and cooperation to bring results.

It makes me think of our Heavenly election. We do not have to make speeches or advertise that we want to be part of the Kingdom of God. We do not need to redo it either every so many times in our life. All we need to do is surrender our life to God and He will freely save us so we can look forward to a place in the Heavenly Kingdom. Hebrews 10:9, 10 tells us that Jesus came down to earth to do His Father’s will. When we are saved we are sanctified because Christ died for us once and for all.