Faithfully Yours - Haunting words

Neil Strohschein
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The words haunt me to this day. They came from a very distraught mother. Two years earlier her oldest son had been murdered. When I met her, she had just received the news that her youngest son had been killed when the vehicle in which he was a passenger had been involved in an accident. She was desperately trying to make sense out of what had happened to her family.

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Faithfully yours - no greater love then this

Neil Strohschein 

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Those I revere as heroes probably wouldn’t consider what they do to be all that heroic. But the services they render to those they love are as highly valued and deeply appreciated as the most heroic acts of bravery in human history.

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New pastor at Christ Lutheran Neepawa

Pastor rose- web

Photo by Ken Waddell
Pastor Will Rose looked after serving supper to three of his eight children at the BBQ supper last Thursday. The older children were spread out among their new found young and older friends at Christ Lutheran Church in Neepawa. The family had driven for two days from northern Alberta to take up residence in Neepawa.
By Ken Waddell
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Pastor Will Rose, his wife Sarah and their eight children arrived in Neepawa last Thursday to a warm welcome. The congregation of Christ Lutheran Church in Neepawa and other community members gathered to help unload the moving van and partake in a summer BBQ supper. 

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Observation - July 14, 2017

Addy Oberlin
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What a great sight to see all the beautiful smiling faces of the graduating young men and ladies in the paper.

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Faithfully yours - It can happen here

Neil Strohschein
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When you live in a small town, it’s easy to get the idea that you’re somehow immune from the bias, prejudice and racism you see in the big cities. So, when you wake up one morning to discover that sometime during the previous night, a person (or persons) unknown spray-painted offensive language on one sign, one new sidewalk and two buildings in your town, you sit up, take note and start thinking: “I guess it can happen here.”

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