Catholics celebrate centennial

By Liliane Dupuis

During 2015 the Archdiocese of Winnipeg is celebrating its centennial anniversary with their theme, Proclaiming Christ Always. Throughout the year there will be various celebrations in the archdiocese. Every parish has been encouraged to celebrate the centennial in their own personal way. For the parish of Immaculate Conception of Rivers, the centennial is being celebrated using the colour and theme at their spring tea, held tomorrow, May 9 from 2-3:30 p.m.

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Spring things!

By Lorrie Dyer

Rivers United Church has been a hub of activity recently. Lynn Madden, Marilyn Dickson and Sharon Herndon are credited for making the thrift and bake sale a huge success. This event is a very big undertaking and their efforts are appreciated.

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River United Church News

By Lorrie Dyer

There are a great deal of interesting and important events happening at Rivers United Church. First of all, the Outreach and Pastoral Care Committee  “Green Luncheon” on March 15 was very well supported. A total of $368 was forwarded to Amnesty International to promote global social justice.

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My body, my life?

By Rev. Glenna Beauchamp

Rivers and Oak River Unitied Churches

My body, my life, my choice. We heard people expressing this argument over and over again as they urged the Supreme Court to strike down the lawn against doctor-assisted suicide. Very few Canadians would argue against relieving extreme pain, even when the medication needed to do that would also mean death would come sooner. But the argument that every individual should have absolute control over their bodies, their lives, including the decision about when and how they die, this is different.

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World Day of Prayer

By Esther Krahn

The international World Day of Prayer was first started in 1922 when Christians gathered around the world on the first Friday of March to share in this day of prayer. Initially organized by women in Canada and United States, the prayer services are now planned by women’s groups from around the world.

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