Faithfully yours - Moral authority

Neil Strohschein
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As a public speaker, Ronald Reagan was hard to beat. His speeches were carefully worded. They may not have been short; many were not sweet; but they were always to the point. He did not hide behind fancy rhetoric. He did not leave his hearers guessing as to his intent. To use a modern phrase, he stood up, he spoke up and when he was done, he shut up.

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Remembering a rector

By Sheila Runions

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Charlie Greene ministered in the Rivers area more than 60 years ago, yet there will no doubt be some readers who still remember the name or even the man himself. Therefore, an interesting incident has been asked to be shared with you.

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Observation - June 16, 2017

Addy Oberlin
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Do you ever forget anything? This past week, I forgot something very important to do.

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Faithfully yours - Canadian generosity is shifting, not declining

Neil Strohschein
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When it comes to measuring the impact of government policy on individuals and families, the research teams of the Fraser Institute are hard to beat. They gather data, crunch numbers, draw conclusions and publish them. Sometimes their conclusions make sense; sometimes they don’t.

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Preaching for Pentecostals

By Sheila Runions

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Rivers has a new minister in its midst on Sunday and Monday. Barry Mossip lives on a farm south of Griswold and just off Hwy. 21 but for the last six weeks has been coming to Rivers to watch and learn, then ultimately preach. His first Sunday as a paid official (associate pastor) was June 4. He succeeds Nathan Klassen, who was interim pastor at Zion Church in February 2012 and who became full-time in April 2014; Nathan resigned the end of February 2017.

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