Faithfully Yours - Downsizing 101

By Neil Strohschein

This past week I decided to begin the daunting task of clearing the clutter in my home office. My office has been in the same room in my house for almost seven years. In that time, I have transformed the closet into a storage area and created several piles of books, magazines and other papers—all of which must now be sorted into “things I keep” and “things I either throw away or give away.”

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Church chatter - Jan 11

By Lorrie Dyer

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a most enjoyable and meaningful Christmas season! The pews at Rivers United Church were filled for the annual Christmas Eve service.

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Subject to change

Rev. Glenna Beauchamp

Rivers and Oak River United Churches

You are reading an ad for what looks like a really good sale. You decide you will go and buy what they are advertising for such a good price. Then you get to the small print at the bottom of the page: “Prices subject to change without notice.” What? That’s not fair! They shouldn’t be able to just change it without even warning us!

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Faithfully Yours - The third side of the story

By Neil Strohschein

There is an old saying that goes like this: “There are three sides to every story—your side, my side and then the truth.” I wish everyone (including me) lived by the wisdom in this saying.

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Merry Christmas from Rivers United Church


By Lorrie Dyer


On Saturday, Dec. 6 Rivers United Church participated in the Santa Claus parade on our float which was equipped with two pews (one facing each side of the streets), an oversized stained glass “window” (cardboard), a few bales for extra seating and appropriate decorations. Carolling through the streets of Rivers were Karen Davies, Pat Dyck, Connie van Dixhoorn, Shelley Foster, Lesley McFadden, Danielle Laferriere, Debbie Johnston, Dianne Kowalchuk, Hall Sveistrup, Dave and Donna Falkevitch, Karen Cullen, Lorrie Dyer, some children and even a dog!

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