Our Christmas traditions

Neil Strohshein
Neepawa Banner & Press

As I look back over my years on this planet, my one regret is that I did not spend nearly enough time living in the moment and enjoying the good experiences that came to me each day. For that, I have only myself to blame—something that I realized far too late in life.

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Observation - November 17, 2017

Addy Oberlin
Neepawa Banner & Press

The winter season has arrived with snow and cold. There is no mistake and we are in it for the next few months. Living on the prairies we know that our seasons are distinct when we live in a farming community. If the seasons come together well with seeding, growing and harvest the farmers are very happy. This never changes.

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Faithfully Yours - No freedom is greater than this

Neil Strohschein
Neepawa Banner & Press

During my years in Edmonton, I became good friends with a man who fought an on-going battle with depression. He told me it was worst in the winter months. From mid-November to mid-February, his apartment got very little direct sunlight. That was bad enough; but as he got older, other health problems kept him indoors a lot; and that just made matters worse.

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Observation - November 10, 2017

Addy Oberlin
The Neepwa Banner & Press

I remember when I was a child during WWII that my mother woke me up in the middle of the night and we listened to the humming of the rocket flying over. These rockets were meant to go to England, but they did not always make it.

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Faithfully Yours - Remembering the “Walters”

Neil Strohschein
The Neepawa Banner & Press

Before his death a few years ago, Walter (not his real name) had a simple ritual that he followed every Remembrance Day. At 10:55 a.m. he would put on his military dress uniform and stand in his driveway, facing his garage. Before him were three flags—the Canadian flag, the Union Jack and the flag of the Royal Air Force, the branch of the military in which he served during WWII.

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