Finding the Bible relevant

By Linda Rioux

In the past few months we have been examining Christianity as reasonable and historically accurate. This month we shall begin looking at the Bible, which is where we learn about saving faith. Unknown to many people is the opinion many archaeologists,  historians and scholars hold that the Bible is accurate and more historically valid than many other well-accepted documents from ancient times.

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Cave Quest VBS coming soon

Submitted article

The Neepawa Banner/Neepawa Press

A summer kids' event called Cave Quest Vacation Bible School (VBS) will be hosted at the Neepawa First Baptist Church from July 10 to 14. At Cave Quest, kids explore what it means to follow Jesus through dark times.

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By Rev. Glenna Beauchamp

Rivers and Oak River United Churches

After a wildfire has burned through a forest, all we can see is devastation. Nothing but charred pieces of once majestic tress, the skeletons of animals who couldn’t get ahead of the fire; nothing remaining of the once vibrant forest except cold grey ash. But that isn’t all that remains.

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Finding readiness on a Roman road

By Linda Rioux

Beginning in 312 BC the Roman Empire built an elaborate system of roads and highways that covered approximately 55,000 miles and stretched from Britain in the north, Iraq in the east and to North Africa in the south. Many of these roads are still visible and in use today because they were so expertly constructed. They were straight and hard-surfaced, made with stone and a form of concrete mixed from volcanic ash and lime. Like modern roads, they were cambered for good drainage. This system allowed the Romans to conquer the known civilized world by providing fast passage of the army with its supplies and easier administration of the conquered territories. Like the much later American pony express, the Romans had a network of post houses, inns and stabling all along the road system. The roads were well-protected and patrolled – they even had toll collectors!

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Church chatter - June 4, 2016

By Lorrie Dyer

On May 7 a spring clean-up took place inside and outside Rivers United Church. As a gift from the Sunday school, all women of the congregation were presented with potted flowers on Mother's Day, May 8. The Christian Education Committee treated everyone to cookies after worship that day as well.

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