Are we there yet?

By Rev. Glenna Beauchamp

      Rivers and Oak River United Churches

“Are we there yet?”

Ever heard that from your kids or grandkids when you were travelling? Ever thought it yourself, as you made your way through a detour?

I used to think the family vacation was all about getting somewhere, and the miles we had to drive and the stops we had to make were just things we had to get through before we reached our real goal of arriving at a certain destination. But the journey is as much a part of the holiday as getting there. Many of our family pictures, stories and memories are about something we saw or someone we met along the way.

Are we there yet?

Many of us live our lives with that motto. Daily life is all about getting to work, to meetings, to appointments, to practices, to community events, getting a project finished or checking another thing off our to-do list. When the Hebrew people were travelling through the desert to a land God promised them, they were so focused on getting there, it took them 40 years! Because they needed the journey in the desert to learn how to become a people, to deepen their trust in God, to practise obeying God’s law, only then were they ready to arrive at their destination.

We forget that life is also about the journey.

Are we there yet? Probably not, but that’s okay.

Observation: Computer is outdated

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Strohschein: Watches, warnings and common sense

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