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  1. Man wins five-year battle over pay lost during Prince Edward Island snowstorm
    In what might be a moral victory for every Canadian who ever had to go to work in bad weather, a P.E.I. man has won a five-year battle to get 3.5 hours worth of pay after being unable to get to the office.
  2. Rate of rejections for summer jobs funding higher in Conservative ridings
    Organizations in Conservative ridings had disproportionately more Canada Summer Job funding applications rejected in 2018 due to their response to the Liberals’ hotly contested values attestation newly released documents show.
  3. World Anti-Doping Agency reinstates Russia
    The World Anti-Doping Agency reinstated Russia on Thursday despite a wave of protests, ending the nearly three-year suspension of the country's drug-testing program because of a state-sponsored doping scheme.
  4. 'I still stand behind my decision to publish,' former editor says of Ghomeshi essay
    A former editor at the New York Review of Books says he stands by his decision to publish a controversial essay written by disgraced former radio host Jian Ghomeshi.
  5. Ottawa woman says couple hit her with car, hurled racist insults in parking lot
    An Ottawa woman has filed a police report after she claims a couple bumped her with their car and hurled racist insults at her while she was with her baby.
  6. Landmatching: B.C. group looks to pair retiring and aspiring farmers
    A B.C. organization is matching aspiring and retiring farmers to set up lease arrangements as the province’s high property values leave many budding farmers priced out of buying farmland.
  7. Doctor gets life term in Hong Kong over yoga ball killings
    An anesthesiologist convicted of killing his wife and daughter by placing a yoga ball that leaked carbon monoxide in their car has been sentenced to life in prison in Hong Kong.
  8. Hamilton police to announce arrest in multiple related fatal shootings
    Police in Hamilton say they've made an arrest in a pair of deadly shootings, including the slaying of a member of a notorious crime family last year.