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  1. 'Energizer Bunny' loonie to peak near 80 cents US: experts
    Two leading Bay Street strategists expect the Canadian dollar’s steady climb over the last two months will start to top out at about 80 cents US, a level it flirted with on Monday amid signs of an increasingly robust economy.
  2. Statistics show spike in crime in Manitoba, Saskatchewan
    An annual Statistics Canada report shows that crime is falling in most parts of the country, but has spiked in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, where local officials blame drugs.
  3. Winnipeg man vows to fight city over unmown boulevard, calls bylaw 'slavery'
    For years, Richard Hykawy has been fighting the city of Winnipeg over an overgrown boulevard adjacent to his home -- a boulevard that a municipal bylaw says is his responsibility to mow, even though his house has no lawn of its own.
  4. Raw sewage could force dozens of families from their homes
    Dozens of families who live in a northern Ontario trailer park could be left homeless because of raw sewage bubbling up from the ground.
  5. HIV-positive Regina man gets nine years for sexual assault
    An HIV-positive Regina man has been sentenced to nine years in prison for choking a woman until she was unconscious and then sexually assaulting her. Kenton Desjarlais, who is 26, had earlier pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault.
  6. First Nations ink agreement with Ottawa, Ontario for more control of health care
    A group of physicians who provide medical care to First Nations in northwestern Ontario are calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Health Minister Jane Philpott to address the 'escalating' mental health crisis in those communities.
  7. Newborn dies in Montreal after mother was stabbed
    A newborn who was delivered by emergency C-section after its mother was stabbed multiple times died in hospital Monday, police said.
  8. Canadian dollar hits 80-cent US mark amid further signs of economic strength
    The loonie hit 80 cents US on Monday, a level it hasn't closed at in more than two years, against a weakening in U.S. currency and amid further signs of a strengthening Canadian economy.