Letters - Conservative math doesn’t add up


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The recent budget has clarified that the carbon tax will be levied at $25 per tonne and that this will be charged on gas and diesel fuel at 5.3 cents per litre. These numbers are not compatible with each other. They do not compute.

A brief math lesson. One tonne equals 1,000 kg. $25 divided by 1,000 equals 2.5 cents per kg. But one litre of fuel weighs less than one kg, actually about 0.8 kg. It is composed of about 80 per cent carbon so each litre will contain about .64 kg. of carbon. 2.5 cents times .64 kg equals 1.625 cents tax per litre of fuel. A levy of 5.3 cents per litre will amount to a tax of over $80.00 per tonne of carbon.

I asked my M.P., Robert Sopuck to explain this anomaly over a year ago, and the same of my M.L.A., Eileen Clarke just four months ago, but neither of them have responded.

I ask again for any Conservative to send me a copy of the Conservatives mathematics. Or should I assume that the party does not accept members who are capable of understanding grade three mathematics.

Leonard Paramor
Arden, MB