Letters - Response to Bill 19


Response to Jeff Wharton

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By now you have all received a letter from Jeff Wharton, provincial minister of municipal affairs, on Bill 19, The Planning Amending Act.

In it, Min. Wharton states that Bill 19 has been amended but we would just like to clarify that Section 25 still stands as originally written.

The amendment Min. Wharton mentions merely formalizes the fact Section 25 will not be proclaimed at this time — which is the same message we have received for weeks.

The amendment reads as follows:

“That Clause 32(2) of the Bill be amended by striking out ‘Sections 18, 20 and 26’ and substituting ‘Section 18, subsection 19(2) and sections 20, 25 and 26.’”

All this does is add Section 25 to the list of sections which will not be proclaimed.

How long Section 25 will remain unproclaimed is anyone’s guess. It can now be enacted by cabinet at the stroke of a pen.

Despite our best efforts to convince the Standing Committee on Social and Economic Development that Section 25 should be amended to retain the requirement that municipal public notices be placed in local newspapers, the Progressive Conservative members of the committee failed to listen.

Members of the MCNA and others argued reasonably and passionately before the committee, and many more submitted written presentations. Municipal councils wrote letters of support, as did everyday citizens of the province. Yet the words of the people have fallen on deaf ears.

The MCNA executive committee would like to thank you for your support of its action on Bill 19.

We will continue to keep you informed as Bill 19 proceeds through third reading in the Legislative Assembly.

Ken Waddell

Kim MacAulay

Laurie Finley

John Kendle

Brent Wright

MCNA Board of Directors