Rivers MYJC Season wrapping up


By Andrea Futrell

Youth Engagement Leader, Rivers MYJC

As summer begins to slowly wind down, so does the program at Rivers Manitoba Youth Job Centre (MYJC). There are a number of people to recognize for their support throughout our successful season — the sponsoring committee (Town of Rivers) and the numerous employers, both businesses and homeowners, who placed job orders this summer. Your participation in the job referral service provides youth and students in our community the opportunity to gain work experience and an income!

Many volunteers helped out at events, and the community showed support by attending events. The MYJC program depends on the partnership with community members, and our success is due largely to you! Last but not least, a huge bouquet goes to the students and youth who registered with the centre. We hope your job search continues to be successful!

The MYJC office closes for the season today, Friday, Aug. 22; we will re-open in May 2015, so be sure to look for us! If you have any last minute questions about MYJC and its services, please don’t hesitate to call me at 204-328-5381. Enjoy the rest of your summer!