Keep it safe in the water


RCMP Media Relations

Although summer holidays are creeping towards an end, the hot, dry weather has warmed our lakes and made the beach a popular destination. While there is lots of fun to be had, there are some very real dangers that come along with children playing in or near water.

The scary truth is that drowning is the second-leading cause of injury-related deaths for Canadian children. Incidents in the water can happen very quickly. Every year almost 60 children drown. However, there are many things you can do to keep children safe around water:

Be sober, be aware and closely supervise your children at all times around water

Make sure your children are wearing properly-fitted personal floatation devices

Educate your children as to the dangers posed by water and how to remain with an adult at all times

Employ the buddy system – never swim alone

Swim only in designated areas

Familiarize yourself with the beach rules as they vary

Call ahead to find out the water and wind conditions

CMP offer these tips to help you stay safe, and enjoy the great lakes we have in Manitoba.