Packing school lunches without stress


By Camille Dupas

Health Canada Communications Officer

It's that time of year again — kids are preparing to go back to school, which means parents and caregivers are revising their grocery lists and weekday routines to include school lunches. Kids who eat a healthy lunch are ready to learn. While hectic family schedules can be a challenge to manage, taking the stress out of making school lunches is as easy as getting the kids involved and planning ahead.

The following are five simple tips for packing healthy lunches:

1. On the weekend, plan school lunches with your kids for the week ahead. Try to include three of the four food groups in every lunch.

2. Stock up on healthy grab-and-go foods like fruit, vegetables, whole grain pita pockets, yogurt and hard-boiled eggs.

3. Use supper leftovers to make quick and easy lunches the following day.

4. Prepare as much of the lunch as you can the night before. Spend a few extra minutes when preparing supper to cut up extra veggies and fruit for tomorrow's lunch.

5. Get the kids involved. Let them plan the menu, write the grocery list, shop for food, and make the lunches… with your help of course! Kids who help make and pack their lunch are more likely to eat it too.
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