$8,000 received for station study


By Donna Morken

Chairperson, Rivers Train Station Restoration Project 

Rivers Train Station Restoration Project (RTSRP) committee is pleased to announce that they have received funding from Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development for their Riverdale Regional Railway Project. The funding is a 50/50 shared program with the province of Manitoba providing $8,000 and RTSRP providing the matching $8,000.

This funding will be used to assist in identifying new rural economic development opportunities with the restoration, rejuvenation and revitalization of Rivers train station. The scope of the work will be carried out by Bridgman Collaborative Architecture Ltd. out of Winnipeg. They are well-versed in heritage work and identifying strategic economic opportunities related to this type of project. This work will begin in September with completion by December. As the project moves along, more information will be provided and input from the community will be collected.