So successful there’ll be spring support


By Sheila Runions

      Banner Staff

The past two issues of the Rivers Banner have promoted a new company in Rivers and then its community service. Clean Under Pressure worked with Rivers Elementary School to co-ordinate a car wash on Saturday, Oct. 11.

Some speculated turn-out might be poor because of the Thanksgiving long weekend but those assumptions were inaccurate. Scheduled for 10 a.m.-2 p.m., owner David Creighton said he would stay on site “until we have no more cars to clean”; he shut down at 2:45 p.m.

No one thought to count the number of vehicles washed with his system but it was well over 100. Creighton worked with 10 adult volunteers and Grade 6 students. (Principal Krista Reynolds supervised her students, ensuring each was relieved in a timely manner for some lunch or just a break from using scrubbing mitts.) The wash was paid for by donation; $773 was collected for the school. An additional $175 was raised through the sale of 14 dozen hot dogs. This money will be used at the school’s discretion and was so appreciated they are eager for another fundraising opportunity. Creighton has agreed to work with them and host another wash in the spring; his company donated all the supplies, gas for generators, advertising, etc.

On Creighton’s facebook page he writes, “What a fantastic day, the car wash was a HUGE success! We are very grateful for the support from the community. The kids worked incredibly hard (as did the parent volunteers) and everyone had a great time. It was so busy we had to get a third lane going pretty much right from the beginning!”

He had originally set out pylons on the school grounds for two lanes of traffic, “but once I saw cars lined up past the fence, I knew we had to add a third lane.”

The afternoon was also supported by Rivers Police Service, Rivers-Daly Fire Department and Star FM radio which had its car cruiser there to provide music for the kids and to report live from the event.