Single ready to lead new council


By Eoin Devereux

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There was very little down time for David Single and the new council in the R.M. of Westlake Gladstone. The group is already starting to prepare for its four-year tenure representing the region. 

Single, who was victorious in his bid for head of council, said there are several issues that need immediate examination. 

“Gravelling is a big issue. Drainage seemed to be a recurring topic for many people, when I was campaigning, so that’s another thing that we have to look at,” said Single. “Rural water line expansion is what I’d like to see. We’ve got over half of our municipality done, I’m talking about just the [former] R.M. of Westbourne, but we’ll want to continue to finish Westbourne. I also expect to see some requests from the former R.M. of Lakeview for rural water lines also.”

Single adds that while there is a lot of work to do across the municipality, he’s excited about the future of the new and expanded R.M.

“I’m thankful to the people that supported me, both those who campaigned for me and those who came out and voted,” said Single. “I’m excited about the future of Westlake Gladstone and looking forward to the next four years.”