Auto insurance is on the increase


By Eoin Devereux

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Starting in March, we'll be paying just a little bit more to keep our vehicles on the road, as Manitoba Public Insurance will increase Autopac rates.

The Public Utilities Board has granted permission to MPI for an overall rate hike of 3.4%. Private passenger vehicle will rise 3.7%, while trailers and public vehicles will go up 6.1 and 6.2% respectively. Commercial, motorcycle and off-road vehicle insurance will all decrease.

Actual rates paid by individual policyholders are based on their driving record, the kind of vehicle (make, model and year), the purpose for which the vehicle is driven and where the policyholder resides. A vehicle owner’s claims history is also a factor.


Major Class          Percentage Change

Private Passenger       + 3.7%

Commercial              - 1.8%

Public                       + 6.2%

Motorcycle               - 5.8%

Trailers                    + 6.1%

Off-road                  - 14.3%

Total                        + 3.4%