Tire program helps improve safety


Submitted article

With winter settling in and driving conditions deteriorating, Manitobans are invited to apply for the new winter tire low-interest financing program. Since being launched this fall, more than 10,000 people have already signed up.


“Driving on ice and snow can be dangerous, but proper winter tires can vastly increase control and safety,” says Justice Minister James Allum, the minister responsible for Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI). “The low-interest winter tire financing program helps all Manitobans purchase snow tires and give their families added protection when on the roads.”


With winter road conditions making driving challenging, even more vehicle owners are expected to take advantage of the accident prevention program, which was introduced by the government this year. The program provides loans of up to 48 months at prime plus two per cent, up to $2,000 per vehicle.


“Even if you’re the safest driver in the world, snow and ice-covered roads can still give you problems,” says MaryAnn Kempe, MPI’s vice-president of business development and communications. “Winter tires reduce braking distances by lessening sliding on ice and snow. This action could prevent a collision.”


• Winter tires significantly reduce braking stopping distances on all cold-weather road surfaces.


• At temperatures just below freezing on dry pavement, winter tires have been shown to reduce stopping distances by as much as 30 per cent compared with all-seasons.


• Winter tires offer significantly better traction on snow-covered or icy road surfaces at temperatures well below -30C than an all-season tire has at 4C.


Customers interested in participating in the program are encouraged to visit MPI’s website (www.mpi.mb.ca) which outlines who qualifies and other business rules relating to the program.


“We have tried to make the application process as convenient and easy as possible,” says Kempe. “It’s encouraging to see Manitobans take full advantage of this road-safety initiative.”