Right in the centre - That can’t happen here!


By Ken Waddell

Neepawa Banner & Press

Often you hear people say, “That can’t happen here, can it?”

Well, don’t be too sure.

Many unthinkable things have happened in Canada. We are awfully close to having COVID-19 vaccines compulsory and they already are compulsory to go to a hockey game or a restaurant. It would appear that vaccines are effective in controlling C-19, but for them to be compulsory for everyone is a step too far, in my opinion.

We have had vaccines for a long time, from small pox to polio and the list goes on. Some vaccines are compulsory for international travel.

If you are wondering if compulsory vaccines are part of a long term plot or plan, you may be correct. In the Sept. 4, 2021 Winnipeg Free Press, it was reported that a group of three authors in the journal Bioethics in 2017 suggested that a comparison be drawn between people who might refuse a vaccine and the conscientious objectors of WWII. It says that people who won’t take a vaccine might have to do some service or pay in some way. Note this was written before the C-19 pandemic came into being, but the concept is gaining traction.

I think it is wrong in so many ways, but it could still come about.

Canada did allow for conscientious objectors during WWII and a lot of them came from the Mennonite communities. They did medic work or worked in various lumber and work camps. It was certainly better than the way the Allied forces treated soldiers who objected to fighting in WWI. To its shame, Canada put 26 soldiers to death by firing squad when they refused to fight or deserted. France executed over 900 soldiers, including many who refused to storm Vimy Ridge one more time. The head of the French army rounded up 200 men who he deemed as deserters and blew them up with artillery fire. Those kinds of actions seemed to cut down on disobeying orders and seem extreme in today’s world, but a government can go to extreme measures to enforce its will on people who disagree with a certain policy.

Some say the C-19 vaccine is an experiment, and it was, at one time. However, it isn’t an experiment now, as it has been obviously tested millions of times. That said, why are vaccinated people getting C-19? Why are some fully vaccinated people dying? We need to be understanding about people who feel they have genuine concerns. I don’t have much patience with people who don’t want to get vaccinated and are simply being contrary or obstinate but there are some real reasons for concern. I know of three cases where families are convinced that the vaccine triggered a resurgence of cancer in their family members’ bodies and two have resulted in death. Don’t know, could be, but you won’t easily convince the affected families that it wasn’t so.

As to a grand scheme or grand plot against society, I do believe there are forces at play that aim to destroy. The communists, socialists and anarchists have all exhibited varying levels of destructive tendencies. Looters are unscrupulous opportunists. Capitalists have done some very stupid things, sometimes with malice and intent and at other times out of ignorance or blindness.

When we are trying to figure out what is happening and why, please hear me out over the next few sentences. Don’t just dismiss it as mere Bible thumping. Read it, think about it and then make up your mind for yourself. A lot of really good things happen and a lot of really bad things happen. Here’s the deal. There is a God who created the world and everything in it, including humans. He created them with a free will. There is God, the Creator, there is Heaven, there is Hell and there is the Devil, the destroyer. God loves us, the Devil hates us and will do anything he can and use anyone or any movement he can to destroy people. The Devil wants us dead and the sooner the better, in his mindset.

Within that context, everything that is going on makes sense. Good things are happening and some bad things, too. There is truth, lies and downright dishonesty coming down. It is hard sometimes to differentiate, but we have to keep on trying. God is the answer,  the Devil is not. That’s how I see it.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this column are the writer’s personal views and are not to be taken as being the view of the Banner & Press staff.