Right in the Centre - Some big questions


By Ken Waddell

Neepawa Banner & Press

Our world is changing, perhaps faster than ever before. We are certainly made aware of changes, be they good or bad, faster than ever before. Examining the changes and what is driving them is an important discussion to have.

Jennifer Bilek is an investigative journalist, a feminist and a leading voice really looking behind the curtain at who is pushing changes in our society that she bluntly calls “absolute madness.”

Rather than summarize Bilek’s opinions, I invite you to look at the video that you can access at the link below:


Be warned that Bilek’s opinions line up with a lot of peoples’ views but fly in the face about what many universities and government agencies try to tell us. The big surprise is Bilek’s contention that the ”absolute madness” she refers to is being funded by Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Medicine, not with the good of people in mind but making huge amounts of money.

When we view or read much of what is in the media today and examine it with a knowledge of science, biology and common sense, the flaws show up fairly quickly. Watching a professor speak recently, who repeatedly referred to “pregnant people” rather than “pregnant women” made me curious. I did a bit of research and found that it is now not proper to say “pregnant women” because women who transition to being men can have babies, therefore it is not only women who can be pregnant. Men can too. I don’t accept that, but some do.

But referring back to Bilek’s video, she asks why  there are so many changes to health care, science and biology being promoted. She says “just follow the money.” Universities get paid by way of grants to do research. Many grants come with strong strings attached and, unless the university agrees to toe the line, the money dries up.

We, along with our children and grandchildren, are being fed a lot of information. Some of it is good, some is sketchy and some is downright wrong. There is a backlash and it takes many forms. Because agenda pushers realize some of their agenda is hard to push, they are prepared to back it up with fear, control and intimidation. Dissent used to be encouraged. Logical thinking once was a good thing. Questioning and reasoning were encouraged. Nowadays, if you don’t agree with someone or some group, you may be subjected to anger and hatred. In contrast, Jesus said to love your neighbour as yourself. Pretty good advice I’d say. 

Faced with serious changes in norms and beliefs, many people are coping by being part of the silent majority. Just swallow your objections and get through the day, the semester, the year, whatever! Just keep your head down and everything will be OK. Trouble is, everything won’t be OK. Some agendas being pushed our way lead to destruction and even death. 

Many people just withdraw and get out from under circumstances. The steady rise in home schooling and private schools is largely led by ideological differences with governments and their education department agendas.

But the day has to come when people stand up and openly state that some things are just wrong. White supremacy is wrong, so is hating Jews, Blacks and people of colour. Sexual deviation is wrong, but quite frankly is being promoted strongly everywhere from the education system to the news media, to the entertainment industry. In fact, it’s hard to tell the difference between news media and the entertainment industry.

Moral code as outlined in the Christian, Jewish and Moslem faiths is generally a good thing, but it’s hard to tell these days. It is often ridiculed rather than uplifted. But don’t get me wrong here, the methods used by the Christian, Jewish and Moslem to enforce the moral code that the holy books promote have  not been right. Moral enforcement by coercion and violence is not right. Whippings, stoning and executions are not right. 

Open discussion is important and when that is stifled, nothing good can happen.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this column are the writer’s personal views and are not to be taken as being the view of the Banner & Press staff.