Right in the centre - There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics


By Ken Waddell 

Neepawa Banner & Press

The above title, attributed to Mark Twain, pretty much sums up the manner in which citizens of the world are being mislead by politicians and academics. The current situation with regard to climate change and the global warming mantra is horrible because of how badly, even maliciously we are being mislead. 

If you take nothing else from this column, please watch Climate, the movie. I can’t verify if every claim made in the one hour and 20 minutes is correct, but there certainly is enough information to seriously question what is being passed off on an unsuspecting public as science. 

Here’s the link: 

https://www.smalldeadanimals. com/2024/03/31/climate-the-movie-2/ 

The gist of the movie is that we are being lied to and at best it is innocently but I suspect it is being carried out with malice. It will take some concentration to view the movie but you owe it to yourself to examine what the green movement is ramming down our throats. Perhaps most telling is the last few minutes where Kenyan farmers clearly speak to how they need fossil fuels, internal combustion engines and First World technology so they can feed themselves and neighbouring countries. 

In Manitoba, it appears that the relatively new NDP government may be seeing the light on the carbon tax. Most clear-headed Manitobans realize that if any province in Canada already has a green economy, it’s Manitoba. Our energy comes from Hydro (which comes mostly from water driven turbines), natural gas and some solar energy.

Manitoba doesn’t need a carbon tax. Yes, we have lots of gas and diesel powered vehicles, but how else are we going to travel and move goods in Manitoba’s climate? In addition, Manitoba stores unknown tonnes of carbon by way of minimum tillage farming and vast forests. 

Electric vehicles will likely take over some day, but they just don’t cut it in many applications. And I personally resent paying taxes to subsidize the few people who are buying electric vehicles. There’s a federal subsidy of up to $5,000 and Manitoba is proposing a provincial subsidy. It’s simply not fair to people who can’t use an electric vehicle. 

Carbon taxes are a hoax, a scam in a few different ways. The carbon tax was supposed to raise costs so as to deter people from using as much fuel and that was supposed to reduce emissions. Well, if higher costs were supposed to work, then the fuel price spikes we saw in the past two years should have answered that question and made the tax unnecessary. Carbon taxes only purpose are to bloat government coffers. Think about it. Either governments are gaining funds and bloating bureaucracy or if the funds are all, or mostly, being rebated, then the rebate process results in even higher numbers of bureaucrats. 

Politicians have swallowed a lie, perhaps of their own making, that people have to be controlled, told what to do, what to eat, told where to go and how to look after themselves. After all, the people are pretty stupid you know! 

I don’t think I have seen a time in my life when governments have such a record of getting things wrong. Over the decades there have been some dandy screw-ups but current governments’ insistence on trying to change the climate takes the prize. I have long said, and firmly believe that the climate is changing but not anywhere near to the extent that governments claim. Our climate has been much warmer than it is now and it has been much colder. And, even if man-made activities are affecting climate change, why would Canada, or Manitoba, strangle our economy and food production when “we” aren’t the problem? 

Listen people, get your nose out of your cell phones, out of the cat videos, the dinner pics and get into the real issues of the day. Governments and many other institutions want us to stay dumb. We are much easier to control when we are willfully dumb. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this column are the writer’s personal views and are not to be taken as being the view of the Banner & Press staff.