NACI Tigers football dealing with injuries as best they can


By Eoin Devereux

The NACI Tigers football team is already licking a few wounds as it prepares for a very hectic week.

 Coach Dave Clark said several players are recovering from injuries, including Jason Caines with a bruised forearm and Cody Pasowisty who’s dealing with a bruised thigh. Both players are expected to be out of action for the next two weeks. Other players recovering from injury include Cole Tardiff, with a pulled hamstring and starting quarterback Brenden Cowne, who has a bruised foot.

Having a short bench could not have happened at a worse time for the team with  three games scheduled over the next seven day. Clark said despite having a few less options available on the field, they’ll find a way to make it work.

 “With a short bench and some injuries, it’s going to be tough but NACI is always big on students playing in multiple sports. We have some playing volleyball, some playing soccer.  All the programs are pretty good to get along with. So. if we are injured and banged up, we can borrow a few bodies from the soccer or volleyball team and that’s just how we’re going to have to play for the next couple months.” said Clark.

The NACI Tigers football team started the season with a 9-6 win in Dauphin against the defending league champions, the Clippers. Neepawa’s first home game is set for Sept. 15 against the Swan Valley Tigers.