HRCC prepares for building blitz


Happy Rock Childrens Centre

The Happy Rock Children’s Centre (HRCC) has been an incorporated childcare facility in Gladstone for over 30 years. Since the late ‘80s, the centre has operated out of a space located in the basement of the Seven Regions Health Centre. Over the years, the program has evolved, alongside parameters set out by the Manitoba Childcare Association of Manitoba. With the continual adaptations to comply with government standards, the centre finds an increased difficulty to operate out of its limited space at Seven Regions. 

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Gladstone music and arts festival


Gladstone Music and Arts festival

The annual Gladstone Music and Arts Festival, the longest running festival in Manitoba, once again provided young musicians and singers an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of an audience and receive feedback from an accredited adjudicator.  Having completing its 87th year, the Gladstone Music and Arts Festival continues to draw performers from the Gladstone, Plumas, MacGregor, Austin, Langruth and Neepawa areas.

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My perspective - Not like the old days

Kate Jackman-Atkinson

The Neepawa Banner

During the winter, one could be forgiven for forgetting that we live in an agricultural area. Far from sight, the cows are in the corrals and the crops are in the bins. But with each passing day, we are reminded of the importance of agriculture to the region. Each warm day, we see more farm equipment on the roads and in the fields and cows and calves can be seen out in the pastures. 

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Right in the centre - NDP/Union cartel has stifled our economy

Ken Waddell

The Neepawa Banner

The provincial government is looking again at allowing replacement and expansion of hog barns. It is about 10 years overdue, as it was in 2007 that the former NDP government imposed a moratorium on hog barn construction. It was an ill-conceived and devastating move. It’s main purpose was to set up an elaborate smokescreen to divert attention from the NDP’s main purpose. That main effect was to elevate public sector union numbers as high as possible to placate the union demands.

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