Harvest for Halloween


By Lesley McFadden

Students at Rivers Collegiate Institute (RCI) are planning their fourth annual Halloween for Harvest on Friday, Oct. 31.

The group from RCI will hit the streets in Rivers from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Last year students collected more than 450 pounds of food, which was given to Riverdale Harvest to be distributed locally. Your participation in Halloween for Harvest helps students fulfill their commitment to Free the Children, help out their local community and better understand the importance of volunteering and “communitarianism.”

Items often needed by Riverdale Harvest include peanut butter, beans/legumes, canned fish/vegetables/fruit/stew and soup, dry pastas and rice, cooking oil and snack items for lunches such as granola bars.  

Rural residents may also participate in this food drive. They can drop off their items at RCI or Rivers Bigway Foods, where staff are helping students with the drive.  Questions about the event can be directed to Lesley McFadden or Robbie van Dixhoorne at 204-328-5364.