Prayer walk in Rivers set for April 3rd.


By Sheila Runions

      Banner Staff


Plans for the third annual Prayer Walk were finalized at the March 26 meeting of Rivers Ministerial Association. Co-ordinator Liliane Dupuis reminded church representatives that she started the ceremony so everyone would know “Good Friday is a special day for Christians. It doesn’t matter what church we attend, we all believe in the same God, so we should gather together to remember Christ died for us.”




People who wish to participate in the prayer walk should meet at Rivers Collegiate at 3 p.m. on April 3. Once assembled, there will be a time of singing, Scripture reading and prayer before walking across the street for a repeat of actions at Zion Church. People will then walk north to stop at Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church, then Riverdale Personal Care Home, Riverdale Health Centre, Rivers Elementary School, St. James’ Anglican Church, Riverdale Municipality and Rivers United Church. The last stop on the journey is Rivers Baptist Church where, after the final song, Scripture and prayer, participants enter that building for refreshments.


Liliane says the walk begins at 3 p.m. “because according to the Scripture, that’s when Christ died.”

Based on the last two years, the journey takes approximately 75 minutes to complete. There is a giant wooden cross which is carried by volunteers and if you can’t walk that distance, some people participate by vehicle. Strollers, bicycles and pets are welcome for this rain-or-shine event.