Rolling River Festival of the Arts


By Sheila Thiessen



Another Rolling River Festival of the Arts has come and gone for another year, and it was truly a success. The calibre of talent just keeps improving every year, and without these talented souls, there would be no festival. So thank you to each and every person or group who put themselves out there to compete in our festival. You are what makes it such an amazing event.Listed below are the awards and scholarship winners for the 2015 festival held in Minnedosa March 16-20. Congratulations to all winners and to everyone who entered.




Piano: Grade 1, Bennah Lundquist, Winnipegosis; Grade 3, Hailey Bergen, Winnipegosis; Grade 4, Talia Iwanchysko, Dauphin; Grade 5, Sarah MacDonald, Minnedosa; Grade 6, Coby Senkbeil, Rapid City; Grade 7, Oksana Iwanchysko, Dauphin; Grade 8, Georgia-Rae Maxwell, Forrest; Grade 9, Jadyn Burr, Rapid City. Claudette Caron Piano Studio Award Grade 10, Shelby Nohr, Brandon. Creasy Pianos Canadian Composer Class Award, Georgia-Rae Maxwell.


Violin: Grades 1-4, Noah Paddock, Rivers.


Vocal: Ages 11-14, Chloe Sorenson, Winnipegosis; junior/intermediate, Mieke Uhryniuk-Smith, Minnedosa.


Speech Arts:Emma Miskulin of Rivers brought home three awards, spoken poetry Grades 7-12, public speaking and prose reading; speech choirs Grades 3-6, Rivers Elementary School Grade 3 class.


Dance: ages 9-12, Ava Acevedo, Dauphin; ages 13-18, Alana Moorehead, Douglas; duo-group ages 9-12, Brody and Carson Burr, Rapid City and Darby Hiscock, Brandon; duo-group ages 13-18, Jadyn Burr, Rapid City and Alana Moorehead, Douglas.

Scholarships: beginner piano, Hailey Bergen, $50; junior piano, Samantha Bergen, $50; intermediate piano, Georgia-Rae

Maxwell, $50; advanced piano, Shelby Nohr, $50; most promising piano Grades 4-7 Oksana Iwanchysko, $100; highest mark in Grade 8 piano, Georgia-Rae Maxwell, $500; vocal solo 14-and-under Reayah Lundquist, Winnipegosis, $50; vocal solo, 18-and-under, Emma Peterson, Winnipegosis, $150; violin/viola/cello, Grades 1-4, Noah Paddock, $50; jazz solo-group, Laura Pepper, Rivers, $50; hip hop solo-group, Makenna Scott, Rivers, $50; dance solo-trio, Brody and Carson Burr and Darby Hiscock, $75; self-choreographed solo-trio, Jadyn Burr and Alana Moorehead, $50; Most promising dance soloist, Alana Moorehead, $250.


Competitors recommended by adjudicators to the provincial Music & Arts Festival May 22-24 in Winnipeg were: Jadyn Burr, junior vocal; Mieke Uhryniuk-Smith, intermediate vocal; Jodi Janzen, Winnipegosis, vocal, musical theatre, senior; Emma Miskulin, speech; Samantha Bergen, Winnipegosis and Aleda Waldner, Minnedosa, junior piano; Georgia-Rae Maxwell and  Oksana Iwanchysko, intermediate piano; Shelby Nohr, advanced piano; Aleda Waldner, Canadian Composers junior piano; Georgia-Rae Maxwell, Canadian Composers intermediate piano and Mozart intermediate.