Prenatal classes important opportunity for expecting families


By Miranda Leybourne


Prenatal classes are running in Neepawa on June 10 and Nov. 4 of 2017, put on by Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) and held at the First Baptist Church. The classes will focus on the topics of labour and delivery, infant feeding and postpartum information. 

Becky Ericsson, public health manager for PMH, says it can be important for new mothers to educate themselves in preparation for their infant’s arrival. 

“New mothers experience many changes throughout their pregnancy -- physical, emotional, and lifestyle,” she attests. “It’s important that they receive reliable information and support during this time.” Prenatal classes, she says, are one way of receiving this support. Public health nurses are also able to suggest different options that work best for each individual woman’s needs.

According to Ericsson, the classes aren’t just for expectant mothers -- families are encouraged to attend as well. 

“Partners and/or support people are encouraged to attend,” she advises. “This allows for that person to provide the mom with more support during labour and to gain confidence to act as an advocate on her behalf throughout the birthing experience.” Child care is not provided for older children, though there are other options for mothers who want to include the siblings of their coming child, including Healthy Baby sessions.

Ericsson says even mothers that have given birth before can get something out of prenatal classes.

“Some [experienced] mothers wish to attend anyway, especially if they have never attended before, are new to the community or hospital where the birth will occur, if there is a new partner involved, or if their pregnancy is progressing differently, which may affect their birth plan,” she explains. “All women can benefit from accessing Public Health Services during their pregnancy. A public health nurse can help each individual family learn the best resources for their situation and address specific concerns. One way they can do this is through attending prenatal classes.”

To register for one of the classes, contact the Neepawa Public Health Office.