Cats TNR looking for volunteers


Neepawa Cats TNR

Would you consider becoming a volunteer for TNR (trap, neuter, release) in the Neepawa area? More volunteers, means more rescue service and less homeless felines.

Volunteering does not require many hours of your time or a lifetime commitment. We would appreciate any time or service that you can provide. These are some categories you could help with.
Fostering: Taking in a homeless cat or kitten that has been rescued. Provide shelter, nourishment and socializing until a permanent home is found. Cost for food and litter and vet care is provided by TNR, but food and litter provided would be appreciated.
•Cat shelter: Newly rescued cats and kittens are temporarily sheltered before veterinary attention is completed. We require daily feeders, groomers and socializers.
Rescuing: If you encounter a homeless cat, TNR will humanely trap and rescue, please contact us.
Promotion: Volunteer for events that raise funds for TNR and invite a friend to attend.
Travel: All rescued cats are treated at veterinary clinics in our area. Treatment includes deworming, snap test, vaccinations, treatment of earmites, neutering and spaying and unfortunately, treatment of injuries. We require drivers to deliver and pickup .
Donations: TNR always requires litter, food, blankets, towels, litter pans, shelter supplies and toys.
Carpenters: If you have carpenter skills, we need insulated shelters. Severe winter weather is deadly for homeless cats. If you can, donate any scraps of wood, insulation or shingles for shelters and volunteer to build.
Adoption: Ultimately offer a permanent home.
Please help us to home our furry buddies. Be responsible and ensure your pets are spayed or neutered and do not let them run free.