Rivers Police Service - July 6, 2017


By Bruce Klassen

Rivers Police Chief

Rivers Police Service attended 58 calls for service for the month of June, here is the breakdown of those calls. Criminal Code charges amount to four, one break and enter and three various other crimes, such as breaches, public mischief, harassing phone calls, etc. There have been a total of 22 Criminal Code cases in the first half of 2017; there have been two assaults, two break and enters, two thefts under $5,000, one offensive weapon and 15 others.

Traffic duty resulted in four charges under the provincial Highway Traffic Act, for offences such as speeding, driving an unregistered vehicle or without a licence, etc. To date there have been three federal traffic charges (all impaired driving) and 27 provincial charges, one driving without care and 26 others. There were two accidents reported to police in June and a total of seven accidents in six months.

Liquor and Gaming Control Act remained clear last month and only has one charge in 2017, that being for possession of liquor in an unauthorized manner. Intoxicated Persons Detention Act/breach of the peace was enforced once and has been done so four times so far this year.

Rivers Police Service enforces the local nuisance, animal control, burning and traffic bylaws. To date we have been called 22 times for these matters and four were done in June; all have been for animal control except for one, which was a burning charge.

Members continue to assist the public in large numbers; nearly 40 per cent of last month’s workload was helping others. We provided 10 Criminal Records Checks, assisted RCMP in the former RM of Daly five times, other agencies five times and the public three times, a total of 23 calls. Thus far your members have helped the public nine times, other agencies 19 times, RCMP 21 times and we’ve done 67 Criminal Records Checks.

As with assistance, miscellaneous files numbered 23, with one mental health call, four community relations, one alarm, five noisy parties/disturbances and 12 other miscellaneous items which includes unfounded complaints. There have been 98 miscellaneous files opened in 2017: three for mental health, three 911 calls, a dozen community relations, three missing persons (all located), 10 alarms, 16 parties, one insecure premise, one sex offender registration, one firearm turned in and 48 miscellaneous.