4-Hers from one province to another


By Kira McCormick-Adema

The Neepawa Banner

This summer, 12 4-Hers from Neepawa, Manitoba and 12 4-Hers and their chaperones from Amherst, Nova Scotia get to find out what the other 4-H programs are both like.  On June 29, the Nova Scotia group arrived in Winnipeg, and met up with the Manitoba group. From there, their western experience began.

From their arrival until their departure on July 8, the group of kids went on adventures to see what the Manitoba life is like and see some of the provinces’ attractions. Some of the highlights included  the Minnedosa and Hollywood Beaches, farm equipment dealerships and the Human Rights Museum. The group also helped out at the annual interclub 4-H Beef show and sale, held on July 5.
Alexandria Casey, from Nova Scotia 4-H, says that she was excited to swim in the water here, which isn’t salty like back home. She also adds that she enjoys the landscape and that there are a lot of straight roads compared to back home. Margret Black, from Nova Scotia 4-H, says the experience is different in a good way and a lot of fun. Cecilie Holm, from Neepawa 4-H, says that she is excited to meet more Nova Scotia people and is excited to go to Pier 21. The local 4-H members were excited to show their exchange twins some of the province’s highlights. In addition to the very different landscapes and types of farms, the 4-Hers enjoyed noticing the differences in dialect.    
On July 24, the 12 Neepawa 4-Hers and their two chaperones will be heading out to Nova Scotia to get the eastern experience. They will also get to see what the 4-H program is like out there. They are all excited to see what the Nova Scotia group has in store for them on their journey.