New walking path progressing step by step



By Kira McCormick-Adema
The Neepawa Press
In the middle of Neepawa, down at the Flats there is a new walking path. For Canada’s 150th birthday, there is a new wall with the words “Canada 150 1867 – 2017” written on it. The wall is part of the walking path and it’s for use by multiple generations. If you’re going for a walk and pushing a stroller, learning to ride a bike, or even when you’re older and out for a scooter ride, it will be handy for you.

The Canada 150 birthday grants from the Canadian government this year were designated towards walking paths. The path at the Flats was done because eventually, the Town of Neepawa is hoping to have it connect to the rest of the TransCanada Trail. The federal grant for recreation is from Western Diversification fund. The wall was paid for out of the 2017 budget. The total was $140,000, the town paid half and the other half came from the federal government.

There have been many responses on the project both positive and negative, Neepawa’s Economic Department officer Marilyn Crewe, said, “The town council is hoping that people will understand that they are trying to provide another area for all people to enjoy.”

There isn’t really a timeline but the Town is hoping for the wall to be completed in September. There is a railing coming still but it had to be custom made due to the slope and the curve of the wall. The Rails will be built to safety code. Eventually there will also be benches and picnic tables so that there is another place in the community to sit and people can watch the soccer games and enjoy other events that might go on.