A Rotary farewell


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John Drinkwater
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At the July 19 Neepawa Rotary Club meeting, members were given the opportunity to say farewell to exchange student Agi Nagy. In her Power Point presentation, Nagy, who is from Slovakia, spoke of her year in Canada.

She offered special thanks to her host families, the Gerrards and McConechys, for giving her so many opportunities to see different parts of the country. Upon returning home, she faces two more years of high school, so is presently unsure of her future plans.
Former student, Christina Pichardo Lapetra, spoke of returning home to Seville, Spain and completing Grade 12. She plans to take on-line university courses, which will enable her to travel to meet her international friends.
Outbound student Jayden Lowe is preparing her visa application for her year in Brazil. The incoming student is a 16 year old boy, Max from France, who is preparing his documentation.