EcoCentre BBQ scheduled for Aug. 24


Miranda Leybourne
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The RM of Westlake-Gladstone is holding a barbecue day on Aug. 24 to educate people about how to properly and safely utilize the EcoCentre.
The RM has been holding this barbecue annually since 2014 in order to promote their EcoCentres and to encourage residents to recycle oil and items such as filters, antifreeze and containers.

Amy Redekopp, administrative assistance with the RM of Westlake-Gladstone, says the EcoCentres are sponsored by the Manitoba Association of Resource Recovery Corporation (MARRC).

“We support environmental sustainability, and recognize the importance of engaging our residents,” Redekopp explains. “With a municipality of our size, hosting a barbecue is an easy, fun way to encourage participation and raise awareness about oil and antifreeze recycling.”
Redekopp goes on to say that the RM believes that every person, business and organization is responsible for sustaining a healthy planet.

“Recycling, or proper disposal of oil, prevents the likelihood of pollution on both dryland and on waterways,” she affirms, pointing out that it takes only one gallon of improperly disposed oil to contaminate one million gallons of water. “Used oil is Canada’s single largest source of potentially hazardous material, if not managed properly. Used antifreeze is toxic to people and animals. Used oil filters may contain residual used oil, and take up valuable landfill space.”

In addition, Redekopp notes, oil, antifreeze and diesel exhaust fuel containers also take up landfill space and take a very long time to deteriorate, while the burning of such products releases harmful toxins into the environment.
“Recycling these products is just as easy as recycling normal household waste,” she says. “These are four drop off locations in our municipality, and there is an online database listing locations province-wide.”

Redekopp hopes that lots of families and individuals will come out to the barbecue to socialize, meet municipal staff and councilors as well as representatives from MARRC, and have fun while finding a place for their used oil and antifreeze products. The event is free for people who bring in such items, and costs $5 for people who do not have a recyclable product. In addition, for the months of July and August, at all four EcoCentres (located in Gladstone, Langruth, Plumas and Westbourne), all municipal residents who recycle used oil, antifreeze or filters will receive one free litre of oil and be entered into a draw to win prizes.