Grand opening of Agassiz constituency office



Photos by Kira McCormick - Adema
Agassiz MLA, Eileen Clarke, gets some help from local dignitaries to cut the ribbon, opening her new constituency office in Gladstone on July 20. 

By Kira McCormick - Adema
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On July 20, Eileen Clarke, MLA for the Agassiz constituency, had a grand opening for her new office in Gladstone. Clarke and some of her representatives from the area came together and had a ribbon cutting and visiting. Clarke said in her opening speech, “We know what direction we would like to take Agassiz in.”

Clarke said that she feels good about her term and has not had a bad day yet; just long hours and a lot of work. During the busy session, Clarke wants to keep in touch with all the issues and all the challenges that are thrown in her direction. The primary issues that will be high on Clarke’s agenda are the provincial budgets for 2018 and the new bills.
Clarke explained that after the 2016 election, she didn’t expect to get a cabinet posting, but she enjoys it nonetheless. She said that there are many other people she works with who have different issues and concerns. She added that there were no surprises as she has been through a full year in the position, but noted that there have been more time challenging situations when Clarke can’t be where she needs to be with her staff because she is present at a different event.