Scales and Tails benefits local animals


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Photos by Robert (Bob) Clark
Twelve-year-old Mackenzie Clark and his dog Shaggy. Clark has two rescue dogs, Shaggy and Henry.

By Kira McCormick-Adema
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From April 22 till the end of July 2017, 12-year-old Mackenzie (Mac) Clark has held a fundraiser to help out a humane society in Brandon. Mackenzie has a great love for animals and enjoys the time with them, says his dad, Bob Clark, a teacher in Carberry.

Mackenzie is very happy with how the fundraiser, called Scales and Tails, went. He was excited because he went to a Me to We camp in Ontario and found out how to make his event better and more successful. Clark’s goal was to reach a total of $3,500 and the final total amount he raised this year was $3,950. Overall, he has raised a total of $19,000 over the years that the fundraiser has been going on. Hoping to be bigger and better for next year, Mackenzie is going back to Me to We this year and hopefully will get more ideas on how to make that possible. His Grandma, Phyllis Clark who lives in Neepawa, says she is proud of her grandson for doing this.
Mackenzie has good support from the other kids at school and around the community. He had 10 other bikers that joined him in his bike during the fundraiser.  He made a goal for himself of 150 km to bike for Canada’s 150 birthday. His final total was 500 km that he biked; he accomplished this by riding his bike to school everyday and other activities as well. In some form or capacity the fundraiser will happen again.