Neepawa's hidden treasure discovered



Photo by Kira McCormick - Adema

Kira McCormick - Adema
The Neepawa Press

Most people are unaware of the beautiful Healing Garden at the Neepawa Health Centre. But, for those who are aware of it, it’s a special place for those in time of need. Down and around the corner at the Neepawa hospital, down by the Cancer Care facilities, there is a garden called ‘the Healing Garden’, which came to be from cancer care donations. The garden has been there for 11 years.

The garden is mostly used by patients undergoing treatment for cancer and their families, but is available for all to enjoy. The patient rooms around the garden have a good view of it as well. All the patients that go down to the garden love and enjoy the beautiful flowers that are there. Mary-Ellen Clark, palliative care coordinator at the Neepawa hospital, says that the healing garden is a beautiful, peaceful, resting place that can be seen from the chemotherapy unit.

Neepawa hospital Care Team manager, Jocelyn Scheper, says that she is very proud of the garden. Special thanks would like to given to Julie Barilla, who maintains the garden, and Spruce Woods Colony who donated all the flowers. Julie Barilla, who has been helping maintain the garden for the past four years and has dealt with cancer herself, says, “Gardening just helps me. I would like it if more people would be aware of the garden, because not many other people then patients know about it.”

The Healing Garden was part of the “dream” from when the cancer care facilities were opened. The Care Committee was the initial group that got it set up, with help from the multi-year Think Pink fundraiser.