'The stories get better every year'



Rick Sparling
The Neepawa Press
Two years ago, we had a Neepawa school reunion, at a time when most of us had just turned 70 years of age and approximately 40 people showed up. This time around, we included those who were a little younger and a little older, which produced a tally of about 90 people.

Some I hadn’t seen for likely as many as 50+ years. I understand now why name tags are so popular at these types of events. It is funny though that some people never seem to change, while others... Well I suppose that is why the name tag comes in handy.

I have to be honest to say that when some of us get together after the re-union, we might make mention about certain individuals not weathering the storm that well, not realizing that maybe others are saying the same thing about us!

There was talk about making this an annual event and I’m not sure if that would be over-doing it, but at our age, maybe it is a good idea. Personally, I like the every second year reunion, but others would disagree. I guess we’ll leave it to the organizers and go with the flow. For this event, a profit of $188 was donated to the Legion and I’m sure they sold lots of suds during the evening as well.

Bette Lynn Wickett did a great job of setting this reunion up and she has my vote to maintain her position as our reunion coordinator going forward. We met at the Legion on Saturday, July 22 at about 4 pm and after some conversing, we had chicken and salads at 6 pm and the conversations went on until after 10 pm. The stories were flowing at each table. Some of these stories get better and better every year!

I didn’t get to talk to everyone myself, as I’m sure others didn’t either, but the breakfast at the Neepawa Golf Course the next morning gave me that opportunity. Still, when I review the list of attendees, there were some I missed. Some I didn’t even know were there.

There were a few people who had said they were coming who didn’t make it for one reason or another, but that is to be expected. It was a fun weekend and nice to share it with old friends.

Here, to our best knowledge, is a list of those who made it this year: I apologize if anyone was missed.

Bette Lynn Wickett, Margie (Crooks) and Reg Blaschuk, Cheryl Thurston, Jackie Snider and Bonar Birnie, Janet (Hall) and Robert Scott, Garry and Judy Minkus, Fred Gutoski, Barry and Joan Deveson, Ray Crabbe, Darwin Crabbe, John and Jan Parrott, Leanne Potter Harding, Ken and Bev Donaldson, John Remple, Cam and Cathy Smith, Ron and Ruth Kleven, Terry and Carol Bates, Caroline and Larry Harding, Terry Therrien, Rick Sparling, Doug Sadler, Maxine Harrisko, Betty Patterson, Weldon Newton, Judy Harrisko, Norma (Radford) and Bill Edwards, Linda Nicholson Crooks, Gloria Jean (Cook) and Jack Warkentin, Bill and Lynda Nicholson, Cliff and Eleanor Nicholson, Jack and Sandy Tremain, Ken Alexander, Candace (Kulbaski) and Earl Backman, Stella (Graham) and Jake Keller, Bill and Heather Dunsmore, Helen Burnett, Frank Pasquill, Dave and Myra Bennet, Roberta (George) and Dick Prawdzik, Arleigh (McLaughlin) and Dave Kalinowski, Wayne and Norma Griffith,  Barry and Marlene Anderson, Barb Pasquill Crosby, Darlene (Stronski) Doblee, Sandra Pettit, Alvin Cameron, Myrna (Conquergood) and Lorne kines, Bill and Judy Martin, Donna (Cameron) and Jim Lewis, Garry and Ruth Walker, Keith and Darlene Windus, Jim and Cathy Holmes, Gaynor Vivian, Julian Isit, Cecil Pittman and Joan Enns