Meet Jeremy and Rebecca


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Photo by Kira McCormick-Adema
Becky and Jeremy the  two new office workers at NACTV office.

Kira McCormick - Adema
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Meet Jeremy Vogt
There are two new faces at Neepawa Access TV (NACTV). Jeremy Vogt is the station’s new technology manager. He started at the beginning of August and his roles include, editing the videos that come in, getting the videos on air at the right time and recording some shows at the studio.

Jeremy grew up in the Neepawa area. This isn’t Jeremy’s first experience with the station. In high school, he came to NACTV’s old location for a school project to borrow the cameras and then later on, ended up volunteering to film the shows.  After high school, Jeremy went to University of Manitoba and studied computer science.

“I’ve always had one foot here, I came back and visited Neepawa when I was in university.” says Vogt, “I have friends and family here. It’s home.” Jeremy really enjoys his job at NACTV, “there’s lots of opportunities and a variety of things I get to do”

Jeremy would like to see the channel continue to grow, and also provide a better viewing experience for all that watch the channel.

Meet Rebecca Walmsley
Rebecca (Becky) Walmsley is the new station manages at NACTV, she started Aug. 23. Her roles at the station include scheduling the times that the shows appear on the television, finding the events to get recorded, front deskwork, helps with the customers and basic office duties.

Walmsley was born and raised in Neepawa; she went to University in Nova Scotia and Winnipeg to study Biological Anthropology. Becky really enjoyed living in the city but says, “Sometimes, you just get to a point where you want to slow down and see what life has for you, that’s why I like Neepawa, also my family is here too.”

“There is such a great team here, I enjoy working with them,” says Walmsley, about the station “its local and fun experiences ahead”

Becky would like to see a continuation of the upward path the business has been having and would also like to see an expansion of local and new programs. Another thing that she would like to see happen is more children’s programs on the channel.