NACTV- A one year update



 Neepawa Press archives. An inside look at the NACTV office located at 423 Mountain Avenue the former Neepawa Press building.

By Micah Waddell
The Neepawa Press
A year has passed since  Ivan Traill retired from his position as general manager for Neepawa Access Community Television (NACTV), so its time to look back and check up on how the station is doing today. Current vice chair of the NACTV board, Don Walmsley, said, “The station has made some progress over the past year, the time has given NACTV the opportunity to really find its role in the community.” Walmsley noted, “NACTV is one of the few remaining channels in Canada that is based around comprehensive community programming, instead of broader content distribution, and that really reflects on it as media outlet, it brings to the table more content that really matters to individuals in the community.”

Volunteerism is always an issue for NACTV specifically with finding events to cover in the community and finding people to shoot the video. There is equipment available at NACTV that can be borrowed for covering events. The staff at NACTV are there to edit and air any videos brought in. Video DVDs of events are available for purchase at the station. If anyone in the community has an event they would like to have covered or help cover, they should contact the NACTV office for more information. Walmsley says, “Due to the technological age we live in, the need for advancement is a must and as such, the station will always be a work in progress.” The station has a positive group of board members to keep the station on track.
The Neepawa Banner staff are providing management and technical advice to NACTV. NACTV board chair Al Borchardt said, “The Banner actually saved NACTV and we could always use more funds. We have new staff and getting the wrinkles worked out.” After Traill’s retirement, Niki Myker managed the station for several months. Myker has since gone back to college and now Rebecca Walmsley is the new manager. On the technical side Jeremy Vogt is handling most of the video editing work. Traill is still an avid volunteer at the station and there is a dedicated group of other volunteers as well. NACTV is located at 423 Mountain Avenue in downtown Neepawa.